Reliable Service, Great Prices

Worry-free service
All of our hosted clients enjoy worry-free services. The all-inclusive yearly fee includes:
- Annual domain name registration or renewal fees
- Free domain transfers, no yearly renewal fees
- Server space for your site
- Your own IP address, not a shared IP address
- Website statistics at your fingertips
- Email addresses (
- Webmail and POP email accounts
- Full development environment available

30-Day Guarrantee
If within 30 days you find you are unsatisfied or want a different type of plan, we'll refund your hosting fee or apply it to a different type of account for you.

(The only exceptions are domain name registration fees, which are non-refundable due to registry rules.)

Pricing starts at $180 a year for sites that don't need a secure server. Store fronts start at $375 per year and include a secure site, the database needed to run your store, and an SSL certificate.

Will I own my domain name?
YES! In fact, we insist on it because then you have sole discretion over your own domain name. Adverse Drive does take care of the yearly registration costs, domain management, and we'll be listed as the technical contact for your domain. All of this is included in the package price.

Do I need the SSL certificate?
Yes. It's the only way to allow secure connections using your domain name. We pass on significant discounts to the normal server certificate fees.

I'd like more information.
Sure. Please email us at and we'll promptly answer your questions.